Do You Need More From Your Phone System?

The way that people communicate has changed significantly over the last few years, be it at home or in the workplace.

 An Ofcom report showed that the number of voice calls made on both fixed lines and mobile phones in the UK fell for the first time ever in 2017, but yet people are becoming more and more reliant on their smartphones.

Because of this, the need for effective communications continues to increase as employees embrace the many different technologies available. 

They’ve become used to using technology such as instant messaging and video calling outside the workplace, so it’s no longer enough for employees to be able to pick up the phone and converse. They want more functionality to communicate faster and more effectively with their team as well as customers and suppliers. They need to be able to transfer files, screen-share, live chat and even video call…

If you would like to have a no obligation chat about upgrading your phone system, give us a shout!

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