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A Simple To Use, Web-Based Phone System

Introducing Wildix By Eden – a simple to use, web based phone system that incorporates functionality such as video conferencing, live chat and screen sharing, into one single web interface to make internal and external communications effortless and more effective.

Whether you’re looking for a standard VoIP phone system or need additional functionality such as switchboard management, audio or video conferencing, call management or integrated website chat, Wildix is the solution.

The Wildix system has been designed to be simple to use, install and manage but has functionality aplenty.  For companies that are looking to upgrade their existing phone system, Wildix is a scalable and future-proof solution.  It’s single web interface functionality allows you to manage internal and external communications and what’s more, you don’t need to download any 3rd party apps or software.

The Wildix solution is aimed at small and medium businesses and provides a range of efficient communication tools that are both easy and comfortable to use.

In short, the Wildix solution offers a simple, cost effective, flexible way to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, clients and prospects alike.

5 Awesome Advantages of the Wildix Solution

Faster Communications

Speed up communication between internal and external users either using the web based user interface and/or with a range of hardware including DECT, VoIP and WebRTC phones.

Single Web Based User Interface

Log in to your phone system from any device that has internet connectivity with a browser such as Chrome or Firefox, enabling you to communicate with your team via chat, audio or video. You can even share your screen and manage external communications too.

No 3rd Party Software or Apps

Once you have the Wildix system installed, no other software or apps are required even for external users!

Mobile App

Of course everyone is on the go these days, so there’s even a Wildix mobile app that means you can manage your business communications direct from your phone or tablet.  The mobile app gives you access to the same functionality as you get through the browser interface.

5 Year Warranty

Wildix are so confident in their products that they offer a 5 year warranty on all hardware and software*.   No spare parts issues. *Recurrent licenses only

The First WebRTC Unified Communications Solution

For those of you that like to get a bit more technical, Wildix is the first WebRTC Unified Communications Solution.  If you don’t know what WebRTC is, we’ve written an overview here.  And you can also download the Wildix White Paper here.

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